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Tutor Time® is passionate about children's growth, development and achievements. We are proud to partner with educationally minded families who share these goals. We appreciate and understand the rapid pace of today's world and work to ease the stress that modern families face. That is why we have gathered resources to help families stay involved and to provide parents with additional information and tips regarding a variety of parenting and family issues.

Choosing A Quality Provider

Whether your family is searching for a preschool, before or after school care or a summer camp, we feel it's important to be fully informed about your options. Here is a checklist that will assist you in evaluating the quality, care and educational programs different providers offer.

A Comparison Checklist when choosing a provider

Tutor Time® Corporate's "Learning Together Blog"

Tutor Time® has compiled and written a variety of childrearing articles and additional resources that may help address some of the parenting issues you face every day. These are just a sampling of some of the great parent resources our families have access to when enrolled at Tutor Time®. We hope that you will find them useful as well!

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