Meet the Staff

Karen Wizeman - Center Director

Lived in Rockland County for the past 30 years.
Worked in education for the past 20 years.
Has been a teacher, a principal and an assistant director.
Worked with students from the age of 2 through 13 years old. Has experience with typical students as well as students on the autism spectrum.
"I am happy to work closely with the children to help them reach their full potential."

Heather McCadden - Assistant Director

I started working in the education field in 2008. I have my Bachelors degree in psychology and my Masters Degree in Childhood Education 1-6. "The children in our school bring a smile to my face. My goal as assistant director is to make a safe and fun environment for all our students. "

Ms. Maria - Infant Teacher

"I truly enjoy working with the children because when I see their smiling faces, it brings me joy and happiness."

Ms .Liz- Infant Teacher

" My favorite thing about working with children is creating connections with the children and getting to know what truly interests them in order to create a better learning environment."

Ms.Karen- Infant Teacher

"What I love most about working with children is the special bond/connection that is formed. Once they attach themselves to you it's a whole new ball game."

Ms. Aliviah- Infant Teacher

"I love watching children learn new things every day. No day is the same and I love that it's never boring'"

Ms. Alma - Infant Assistant Teacher

Ms. Joey - Toddler Teacher

" What I love the most about working with the children every day is seeing them laugh and being kind to each other "

Ms. Samantha- Toddler Teacher

" I love watching the children work, learn and grow together."

Ms. Jessica- Twos Teacher

"I have four children of my own. I like to work with children because it's so exciting to teach them new skills throughout the day"

Ms. Jessica-Twos Teacher

"I love seeing children have new experiences and making memories that they will never forget"

Ms. Alyssa- Assistant Twos Teacher

Ms. Victoria- Twos Teacher

"What I love most about working with children is how happy they are every day and how much they can make me laugh"

Ms. Pat - Twos Teacher

"What I love most about working with the children is watching them grow-up so quickly and learn so many things."

Ms. Amy - Preschool Teacher

"I love watching their growing personalities and sense of humor."

Ms. Carolina -Preschool Teacher

"I love teaching children something new and having fun while doing it! I love their little smiles, little giggles and innocent little voices."

Mr. Marlon - Preschool Teacher

"The feeling of accomplishment when I see the students grow in knowledge, confidence and skill set."

Ms. Sam - Preschool Teacher

"I love working with kids because they can always put a smile on your face."

Ms. Veronica- Preschool Teacher

"I enjoy being able to influence and shape the lives of young children. I love reading, singing songs and playing games with them"

Ms. Stacy - Preschool Teacher

"I enjoy reading to the children and doing crafts with them and watching them have fun while learning."

Ms. Danielle - Lead UPK Teacher

"I love making a difference in their lives, and inspire them to be their best selves."

Ms. Sue - UPK Pre-K Teacher

"I love watching children develop their minds and their abilities"

Ms. Niyah- Pre-K Teacher

"What I love the most about working with children is the connection I form with them. There's a special bond that comes to life between each child and myself"

Ms. Alanna- Pre-K Teacher

" I love working with children because I love being able to put a smile on their faces and watch them learn and grow each day."