Happy Feet (2 - 5 yrs)

HappyFeet at Tutor Time is a unique and totally age-appropriate soccer program for preschoolers. HappyFeet has been overwhelmingly embraced by children, parents and schools in the NY Metro Area as well as around the country.

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  • HappyFeet teaches children fundamental soccer skills. Most young children can wallop a ball into the goal... it's not that hard for them. Learning to control that ball, however, dribbling close to the body, maneuvering it using only your feet, etc. are much more challenging and interestingly, can be readily taught in smaller space areas. Hence, HappyFeet works well in indoor play space as well as outdoors.

  • HappyFeet is unmatched in helping children improve their balance, coordination, agility, listening skills, gross motor skills, etc. There is a remarkable improvement in balancing with a foot on the ball, for example, in a short period of time. Building self-confidence is key and seeing those huge grins when a new skill is acquired is a HUGE BONUS!

  • In the area of general fitness, the HappyFeet curriculum engages children so that they don't realize they are running a lot and stretching and working muscles (getting those jelly beans off the tree in the sky!)

  • And the ultimately beauty of HappyFeet is that all of the above is accomplished with the children only knowing that HAappyFeet is HUGE FUN! The giggles and belly laughs are totally contagious

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